Goods Stores All Online These Days

Thank goodness for the World Wide Web. Thank goodness for the internet. Because today, where would you be without it. And did you know that it was some or another boffin or two working for the US military that invented one of the world’s most resourceful tools? The purposes for which this invention was originally intended is not the subject of this online letter. Yes, it is online. Can you believe it?

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As to who invented sports, who really knows. It has been thousands of years by now already. But one thing is certain. Or two or three things. The US invented gridiron football, basketball and baseball. But who invented the original Sporting Goods Store? Can’t really tell at this time but it must have been an enterprising venture to begin with. But giving folks what they need is what sporting goods stores like Beaver Sports would do best, right?

Tell them that they’ve really, really got to have this aluminum bat. Or tell them they’ve got to use this ball because Michael Jordan used it. Or did he just endorse it? Tell them that Joe Namath preferred these football boots back in the day. But who the heck was Joe Namath? So anyway, sporting goods stores are also good for those who aren’t really into the sports thing. There are those who need camping gear. To some enterprisers out there, camping is as good as sport.

And then again, when you think camping, you’ll be thinking hunting. And to many, that is still something of a national pastime. It is as good as sport. Only one thing, many of the species that these guys are still scouring the woods for are on the endangered or threatened lists, if they haven’t already been wiped out.